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Sometimes described as the dark half of Mumford and Sons, The Punch House Band is an acoustic band who's act is all about playing a dynamic and powerful mixture of original and traditional songs with a commitment to performing which regularly  leaves their audiences baying for more. They are proud of their Norfolk roots and this shines through in all their material, which tends to deal with the darker side of life, love and death.


Stealing the Fire is a modern progressive rock band. The core members are Chris Bond, Saffron Paffron and Tim Lane. They work out of Chris Bond's Burning Chrome Studio in Norfolk and released their debut album "Hot Ice and Wondrous Strange Snow" in 1999. For more information check out their entry on or click on the picture opposite


Whilst they are no longer a going concern, Doomweasel left their grubby mark on the Norwich music back in the 1990's when they could regularly be seen playing their extraordinary comedy rock in pubs and bars all over the city and beyond. barring a couple of covers, they played Tim Lane's original dark comedy songs about exploding girlfriends, satanic grandparents and all manner of characters indulging in acts of deviancy to the shock and delight of their audiences. |The band's last public outing was in 2007 to celebrate the birthday of their friend Bruce Lacey, at whose midsummer gatherings they had played many times. Rumours persist that they will do it again sometime but probably not yet.