Towards the end of 2011 a friend suggested that Crude Apache stage a theatrical presentation of Peter Bellamy's Ballad Opera "The Transports" and that I should be the musical director.

At the time , whilst I was familiar with some of Bellamy's more famous songs, I knew very little about the man and even less about the album considered to be his magnum opus but I said "yes" anyway. As it turned out this was one of the best snap decisions I've ever made. We put the show on in the spring of 2013 for ten nights at Dragon Hall in Norwich to great public and critical acclaim. The show involved an ensemble cast of twelve actors, most of them playing a variety of parts and a nine piece band. I wrote new arrangements of the songs and acted as musical director whilst fellow Crude Apache members Jo Edye and Panda Monium directed the performance. On this page you'll find links a video of the whole performance as well as some of the individual songs. You'll also find links to more information about the original album, the sadly departed Peter Bellamy and the Crude Apache website.

Crude Apache Theatre Company's production of Peter Bellamy's Ballad Opera THE TRANSPORTS